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Cloudy sky buildingThe recruiting industry is massive – there are thousands of agencies out there from which to choose. How do you choose effectively? A wrong choice can cost you in many ways, wasting resources and causing frustration both with the agency and internally as searches falter. But does your company recognize WHY searches fail? WHAT are the factors affecting the results?  HOW are you going to solve your personnel needs if you don’t know WHEN (or if) you will see results? WHERE are your solutions, and WHO can you trust to find them? All of the answers are here. Sovereign Recruiting partners with your organization to develop comprehensive recruitment solutions based not only on your current open positions, but also on candidate market trends, including rarity of qualified candidates, compensation and benefits, and even market perceptions of your company.

As many as 75% of employed persons in the US are interested in hearing about opportunities, but less than 10% are actively searching. While this may sound at first like good news for a company looking to hire, it brings with it a whole litany of potential issues – “passive” candidates behave much differently and have a different point of view than “active” candidates. Do you know what the candidate is looking for, what is motivating them, and what about your opportunity drives them? Not if you are simply viewing resumes alone, as from job boards and many recruiters. Maybe you get a couple of brief, surface-level comments, bearing some notes that were either evident already or would have been determined in the first step of an interview process. We’ll get you the information you need to attract top talent and have your choice of candidates – no easy feat in today’s dynamic, candidate-driven market.

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